The first Beryl Nasse Award for Goan Female Entrepreneurs on the 18th of Jan

The British Deputy High Commission will be hosting the first Beryl Nasse Award for young female entrepreneurs in Goa on the 18th of January 2017 at a private reception. In commendation of Beryl Nasse‘s phenomenal work in raising Goan business talent and strengthening Indo-British ties, the British Business Group has decided to establish the Goan Young Female Entrepreneur Award.

Beryl Nasse was a British Citizen who moved to Goa around 2005 and since then had been an active member of the British Community and even became the President of the BBG which had started in 2007. She served as warden for the British Deputy High Council in Goa and one of her big achievements was the 1st mobile UK Visa Unit.

Beryl worked tirelessly to build strong relations between the UK and Goa. In particular, she loved working with young Goan entrepreneurs at Ciba and the Incubation Center. She passed away in 2014 after a long battle with Cancer.