An Evolving List of Broadband Internet Providers in Goa

One of the major worries for any startup these days is connectivity and a good internet connection cannot be overstated. Goa has a bad rap on this count. But internet accebility and speed is improving rapidly.

It would be wrong to base one’s judgement on internet providers in Goa on the basis of that trip to the secluded beach where you could not get 3G on your phone. Goa has fantastic internet options when it comes to catering for startups. The major cities in Goa, like Panjim , Vasco and Margao and their suburbs, and the various industrial estates like Verna, Pilerne, etc. require strong connectivity with the rest of the world. This means that internet is already a top priority with these places. There are scores of providers who can set up a broadband connection for you at your office space, and give you an option of flexible monthly and yearly plans to choose from. At the same time, if you are looking to work out of the quieter interiors, all you need is a working landline connection, and you are good to go with a suitable broadband plan.

Broadband Internet Providers in Goa


The government telecom venture, BSNL, clubs Maharashtra and Goa into the same bracket, which means that you can be assured of tariff and connectivity in Goa similar to that in Maharashtra. The quality of internet connections provided by BSNL is also on an upward path. Here is a comprehensive list of the various plans that BSNL offers to its consumers.

2. Tata Broadband

Tata is another great broadband service provider. In fact, the wi-fi connectivity at the Goa domestic and international airports is provided by Tata. With its general popularity and comprehensive offers on plans, Tata is one option that you can choose depending upon your location in Goa.

3. Reliance Broadband

Reliance offers wired internet packages that can be valuable depending upon your location in Goa. With great monitoring and tracking options available, you can keep an eye on the data consumed everyday.

4. Hathway Broadband

Hathway is another trusted name that provides nationwide connectivity through fibre based internet services. Hathway also provides a set of business specific plans with multi office connectivity that you can choose from depending upon your priorities.

5. GWave

GWave is the broadband service offered by the Panjim based United Telecom Services Ltd. Having a homegrown internet provider has its advantages, when it comes to customer service and management. You can get in touch with them here.

6. Joister Broadband

Another local variant that provides broadband internet to the Maharashtra / Goa circuit. Joister claims to provide high-quality fibre optics that end up giving you speeds up to 16Mbps. For more information, visit their website.

7. Railwire

The Government of India in an effort to provide affordable and reliable broadband in the state have teamed up with Railtel Corporation of India. They have started their services by providing internet access to train stations and areas around them at reasonable prices. You can read more about them here

We will continue to update this list. Please leave your feedback about the providers and their services in our comments.

  • vikram

    anybody have any idea of the services provided by gwave and ethernet?

    • We’ve had reasonable service from GWave.

      • cuppycakesfromhell

        What do you mean by reasonable? I’m considering moving to Gwave and am trying to get some feedback.

        • Works great overall, but does have some down days.

  • Dipak Rai

    Nice detailed information. Good job Startup…..I am planning to move to Goa from USA soon and I need good internet connection for my trading FUTURES of Crude Oil connected to CME Chicago USA market. This blog helped me.

    • We are glad to hear that Dipak! Please share it with your friends!

  • Glad to hear this helped you @dipakrai:disqus!

  • Praveen Sawant

    Hi Luke,
    can you please tell me if any providers in Goa provide Fibre optics cable broadband services for individual homes?

    • Hey Praveen, unfortunately, I am not aware.

  • Amit Kolambikar

    So which is the best ?

    • It’s a tie between Tata, Reliance and Gwave. It all depends on where exactly you ae based in Goa.

      • KayCee

        Does Tata have connectivity in Porvorim? I dialled them up and they said it is not feasible in Goa.
        And oh, I almost forgot to mention! This is a fab article, really helps new settlers. 🙂

        • Joel

          No tata does not have broad band in goa. Jetway is available in porvorim


        which one is better for 1. Navelim and 2. Margao Industrial Estate

  • M-d

    Any idea as to what are my options in South Goa (Colva). GWave says no, Hathway says no, Ethernet Express says no. BSNL takes ages to give a new connection. I’m willing to settle for anything short of a dial-up connection 😛 Right now I’m using a dongle which ends up falling way too expensive.

    • No idea unfortunately..

  • arjun

    Hathway and ethernet express are only available in north goa. Gwave just doesnt show any interest. Ive been sending mails, calling them up but havent heard a thing back from them. Reliance doesnt have 3g in goa, So i guess if your from south like me the only option is BSNL. and these guys are so slow that u need to apply now to make u get it just before ur grand kids are born.

  • Imthiyaz Ahamed

    don’t go for Hathway, i have worst ever experienced with them!!! all are lazy staff will make you more irritate!! for the new connection they will be running behind, for customer care support they not even will pick the call

    • joel

      this is wrong info………. they are good and fast at solving the issues.

  • Skywalkr

    Hi, can anyone suggest me any wired broadband providers in Porvorim?

  • shubham

    is g wave avialable in south goa and what are there cost?

  • Vikram Mokashi

    I stay in mangoor hill , vasco . ive registered for BSNL broadband and i didnt get my connection , its been almost 2 months. can you suggest me any other stable ISP around mangor hill ?

    • Akshay Navathe

      u have to go to bsnl office. they will give u one form. but u must hav landline connection. after filling form give it to bsnl office in vasco. they will start connection in two days.

  • Sana Siddiqui

    Why is internet so expensive in Goa? I recently shifted to north goa from Mumbai. Like you mentioned for BSNL I was advised to get a landline but their office said they are not providing any more connections at the moment. GWave asked for 10 thousand rupees for installation for internet that would give me maximum 1mbps speed. Have I been dealing with wrong people or the situation is really that bad in north goa? I really need a broadband…. Pls help

    • ad

      Becareful of Scams is Gwave legit?

      Gwave are not even there in My area where i live near Mapusa-Calangute

  • Ritu Malik

    Hi, any idea about Internet services in Siolim? And if there are ISP vendors available for this location, then how much time would you think they will take toto Ormside the service?

  • rsnotz

    I moved to Goa from Mumbai about 2 years back. In Vasco its been a major pain trying to get a broadband connection up and running. Tried every single provider and not a single one services the Vasco area except for BSNL (Hathway does but requires line of sight from Dona Paula). So I caved and signed up for BSNL in June 2014. From June 2014 till March 2015 I had about 20-30 connection drops per day. Which means about 3 complaints per week. Finally in March I persuaded them to change the line and voila no more drops. That aside, from the time I signed up never got a speed higher than 1.5Mbps though I was on a 4Mbps plan. Went back to BSNL office in August this year because complaints never helped. All they did was changed the socket and now I get almost upto 4Mbps.

    Note: GWave may supply in Vasco because they do have a reseller here but I’ve contacted them numerous times and they never show any interest.

    Aside from all of this the price-speed is utter and total rubbish.

  • ad

    Today i went to get BSNL ULD1445 plan in Goa Mapusa and they told me it not available. Not a single broadband provider in Goa cant even buy 1mbps at all in Goa. Yes i tried booking another connection in (2013) but till date no news about the new landline connection.

    • rajesh

      Where do u want the connection

  • Srinivas Grandhi

    I am Staying in North Goa, Near Opp. to Sapna Habitat, Porvorim, Which one is best internet provider in that place. Please give it some advice.. Thanks & Regards

    • rajesh

      We can offer u service from tata telesevices. Internet lease line 8805189190

  • bGautam

    HI, I want to start a Clod based software services company. I am not a Goan but looking forward to launch a company in Goa. What is the best place / site which can give me a heads up in the info. Presently in Bangalore.

  • Rajeev

    I am at Dona Paula circle. using BSNL but tired of it. which ones should i opt for for a hotel?

    • rajesh

      We can offer u service from tata telesevices. Internet lease line and pri for us hotel. 8805189190

    • Robin John

      Use Airtel 4g hotspot if Airtel network is there at your home or call them for demo

    • Robin John

      Use Airtel broadband. It is one of the best internet provider in Dona paula

  • Indrajeet

    I just moved to goa and need internet connection for my work. I live in porvorim. Could you suggest which is best for porvorim?

  • Devika


    Could you help me with dongle based providers for Majorda?


  • Stark46 Goa

    GWave offers good speed and Truly Unlimited Downloads(no fair usage policy) plus they have excellent customer care service resolving issues within 3 days whereas other companies takes 1 month.

  • Damian

    What is the best Internet service provider in Candolim, Godwins hotel?



    • Roxal Dias

      check out Alegra Broadband if your still looking up for a ISP

  • pranav parker

    Provides Broadband Connections on Optic Fiber in PONDA CITY only.
    cont.- 8007356263 , 9920313007

  • Felix Niederhauser

    We live in North Goa since 3 years, so far no one of the providers we have had cares about his customers after the sale is made. The worst experience we have had is with GWave Siolim. The GM of Gwave in Panjim was informed accordingly however NO change in the attitude, service or even the connectivity. My suggestion: Hands off from this company.

  • ganraj kelkar

    Ethernet Xpress has new 50mbps plans.Best in Goa so far

  • Prabhav Kamat

    if it gives you pathetic speeds of 1 or 2Mbps than its not “high quality optic fiber” as claimed… its just normal slowass broadband like BSNL gives…

  • pasyanti

    we are moving to goa in 15days. can anyone suggest good internet providers in both Margoa & Upasnagar. Bit urgent plz.

  • Hope Luwiss

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  • Lawrence Noronha

    I am trying for a Internet Broadband in Benualim from last October for Home use but could not manage to get one. BSNL is refusing to dig the road to lay a cable in my area since they are saying the electricty cable is passing and electricity dept would spoil their line every time the put a new cable.
    GWave in Benualim is total crap as the person incharge of it has total attitude problem and doesn’t respect a customer.
    Lastly manage to get Alegra Broadband to do a feasibility and they succeeded but height (since the line of sight was weak) factor to put the antenna made the deal fall of.
    Main problem is there is no proper ISP in south goa coastal belt as compared to north goa coastal belt.
    Joister Broadband doesnt work, Hathway Broadband is crap…

  • Leroy Da Costa

    Any idea on which privider other than BSNL provides services for Majorda?

  • Rahul R

    I have already email detail of you’ll another internet service provider in goa ( .please update the list

  • Sarthy

    Pls inform me which provider available in mardol, goa. i need to internet connection.

  • chris

    Hi there, I am moving in to Farmagudi,Opposite GVM’s college circle,Ponda,Goa from Australia as my company is relocating me to India. Who do you suggest as a proper business grade broadband service provider? I know I will be kidding if I ask for a fibre but a decent broadband service which works at good speeds with less contention ratio is what I am after. I am happy to pay the extra $$ provided it is a good service with Download and Upload speeds upwards from 5Mbs.

    • startupgoa

      Generally speaking, the best internet is in panjim and Verna.

      Not sure who services the farmagudi area, but Tata is usually the best, followed by GWave.

    • Pranav

      Pacenet Broadband -9920313007

  • We Still providing Gigatel Internet services in Delhi Only and customers review are coming awesome. In Future, we will reach to Goa and will give experience of Gigatel Internet ASAP.

  • Mayank Y

    I Have property in Arambol Beach,Goa,

    Which service provider i should choose

    • Akshay Patil

      @Mayank : Please checkout for free WiFi in Goa!

  • Vinod M S

    Hi, can anyone let me kno which is the best broadband service provider in Old Goa area pls..

  • gaurav bhardwaj


  • Blaustein

    I travel often to the ashamem/mandrm area, and always have issues with connectivity. I need to make Skype calls weekly for work. what is the best way to get reliable wifi in this area? I’m open to satellite options. Thanks!

  • rsnotz

    I’ve been using RailWire in the Vasco area for the past month now and its a dream. 20Mbps with an fup of 150GB for ~2200 including taxes. Compare this with BSNL that I’ve been using till now 4Mbps with an fup of 80GB for ~2500 including taxes and its a no brainer that I’ll be keeping RailWire going forward. Speeds are exactly as advertised.

    Respose from the local partner for installation and issue resolution has been prompt, the contact person responds immediately. Had a downtime for about 1 hour, once so far.

    Point to note : They normally will supply the Digisol DG-HR3400 wifi router but I would suggest you look at better options as I find the range is pretty bad, and speeds deteriorate terribly. I had to limit the frequency to 20mhz and Channel 11 to get a decent connection in the next room. I’ll be switching to my trusty TPLink TD W8968 as soon as I have the time.

    • ray

      rsnotz where is the railwire office in vasco?

      • Aliya Lisa Saldanha

        Railwire brings to Vasco City very affordable and fast Broadband Internet.
        With competitive plans and low installation charges the plan is to provide every home/office in the City with High Speed Internet Access.
        For New Connections please call 7719069222 !!

  • Angelina

    Hi. I am desperately looking for the best option in Anjuna, Piquen Chumvar, between Belmonte and flushing Meadows. Since years I had to endure the miserable connection, speed and service of BSNL. Now I really deserve the best! Please advice. Thanks a lot !!

    • joel

      New company in Anjuna called speedcom good speeds and good rates

  • Shruti Arora

    Need a connection in Porvorim, Goa which one would be the best

  • Hari

    Which places in Goa have the best internet connectivity ? I am planning to move my software company from Mumbai to Goa and need reliable broadband (preferably fiber) connectivity

  • Tempestade Ciel

    I had high expectations from Alegra. I have tried every other major broadband service available in South Goa and Alegra seemed extremely promising. Unfortunately, the actual connection quality and as well as technical back-up fails to live up to the most basic standards for a professional service provider. In the less than 2 month-period that I have been an Alegra subscriber, I have had 25 (documented) service outages and major speed fluctuation issues. This is not counting the 10-15 times on an average per day that the connection drops (also documented).
    I feel more disappointment than outrage because Alegra is the only service provider I have dealt with that still have a human face to their customer service. And their team is genuinely wonderful for the most part. However, their infrastructure/partnerships/technical support is sub par. Today, for instance, a fibre cut at 7.20pm has no one to attend to it till some undisclosed time tomorrow morning. For a service that offers 24/7 connectivity and support, this level of ineffective service support is beyond bad. And last but not the least, after 6 pm you are reduced to writing to their customer care and awaiting a response if you have service issues. Even overlooking the irony of only being ably to reach Alegra customer service via email when your internet is down, the equation is skewed in their favour and against your interests as I found out to my cost today…when repeated emails received neither response nor corrective action. What use is 24/7 customer care when they respond only when it is convenient to them? Ask Alegra.
    If you are thinking of switching to Alegra or opting to take a new connection, wait till they improve considerably…which it seems possible they will do if they intend to survive and grow. If you depend on a consistent and stable 24/7 internet connection like I do, then avoid Alegra unless you have a back up option. They have a long way to go before they can be a reliable internet provider. Till then, try Gwave – their customer care and their PPP model sucks, but the service is way more consistent and professional. Even if there is a fibre cut or a late night issue, you an breathe easy that there is a technical team attending to it and the outage will be minimal.
    The reason I leave such a detailed review is to provide potential new users a factual picture before they decide to go with Alegra based on the glowing reviews, like I did.

    • amey mudras

      Try DNA goa

  • amey mudras

    In margao DNA Goa is a new broadband connection, gives speeds upto 100mbps and no installation charges. I highly recommend it

  • Roxal Dias

    Good Evening, In the last 2 years a promising new ISP has started in Goa known as Alegra Broadband providing major emphasis on uptime, customer support and after sales services. Really good reviews by existing customers. Good reviews on google too.
    Based in major areas of south Goa. Can find them on or contact 9075153188/8698605616

  • Biva Armarkar

    Check out Alegra Broadband in South Goa. Good Speeds and Amazing Support Staff. Contact No. 9075153188/