With $30k Raised on IndieGogo, Goan Startup Plugzee Bluetooth Enables Any Speaker

Created by Goan students from Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Plugzee is a small little device you plug into any music playing system allowing you to turn any set of speakers into bluetooth speakers, without compromising the audio quality. These speakers would play high resolution audio wirelessly.

This device is very convenient if you are heading to an outdoor party or an indoor one. You now have the ability to turn any set of speakers into bluetooth ones.

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A little about this amazing little gizmo:

  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices
  • Has an amazing battery life of about 18 hours, and allows you to charge using a micro USB cable
  • Has a noise cancellation microphone as well to allow you to answer calls over loudspeaker
  • The technology within Plugzee allows you to stream high resolution music over bluetooth

A simple idea that many of us will find very useful, Plugzee just raised over $30000 on Indiegogo! You can preorder to get it at an amazing Indiegogo  price, check it out here.

Congrats to the team!

Hat-tip to Viresh Vazirani of Growth Gravy for telling us about Plugzee.