Why did StartUpGoa.org form?

We always believed that the Goa could one day turn into a dynamic technology startup hub, thanks to it’s location, climate, multicultural lifestyle, extremely high literacy, great educational institutions and growing influx of highly creative and educated individuals from around the world.

Out tiny team believes that most of the technology entrepreneurs in Goa could do with a little:

  • Mentorship – specially in Product Strategy, User Experience and Design areas.
  • Access to seed funding – at favorable terms and valuations.
  • Access to experienced mentors – specially successful entrepreneurs.
  • Access to scalable infrastructure at affordable prices – incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.
  • Encouragement, support & beer.

We are here to enable entrepreneurs in Goa. We are beginning small and slow, just like most of the entrepreneurs we soon hope to support. If you would like to play a part, please contact StartUpGoa on Twitter.

Boa Festas!