The Software Developer Test

Do you think you are  a good Software Developer?
What does it take to become a good Software Developer?
Answer these simple questions to find out.

The Software Developer Test

  1. Can you use source control effectively?
  2. Can you solve algorithm-type problems?
  3. Can you program in more than one language or technology?
  4. What do you do increase your education and skills every day?
  5. Do you name things appropriately?
  6. Can you communicate your ideas effectively?
  7. Do you understand basic design patterns?
  8. Do you know how to debug effectively?
  9. Do you test your own code?
  10. Do you share your knowledge?
  11. Do you use the best tools for your job?
  12. Can you build an actual application?

Seem like very simple questions but the answers to them have deep ramifications. Being a good developer is not only the degree you get and the programming language you know. It’s about knowing how and what to do to get the job done. The software development process is a long and tedious one. Using the right tools, the right methodologies and effective use of the programming language, is what differentiates a  good Software Developer from a Programmer.

These questions not only make you reflect on your technical skills but also your mindset. Being a good software developer means you can look at the world around you and see the invisible patterns that connect and make things work. You are able to transform these patterns into code and eventually a digitised system.

Reflect on these questions and let us know if you agree/disagree or would like to add your own. Also, share your experiences as a Software Developer and how you got to being such a damn good one. 🙂

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