The Goa Project’s ‘unconference’ takes place at Bay 15 on the 6th and 7th of October

Less than a day to go for the The Goa Project to take off, and like every year, attendees are psyched. The annual ‘unconference’ will be bringing together people from different fields, to chat, work, and co create. Being such a people centric event, the agenda has been crowdsourced, and after a lot of debate and discussion, a schedule created. The event will comprise of talks, workshops, presentations, pitches and interventions, spread out across 48 fun filled hours. This is definitely not your average event, since for starters, everything is run by the passionate Goa project volunteers.

If you are a thinker, dreamer, or an occasional time traveller, the Goa Project offers the perfect runway.

Anyone not sure what the Goa project is?

Let’s crack this mystery egg together!

Not everyone can be a thinker, there have to be a few doers and some inbetweeners, who dabble in a little of this and that. Attendees will be exposed to more than 300 professionals from different fields, across arts, science, technology and other disciplines.

The general environment of the event creates for some amazing ideas, relationships and teach the people attending a few thing about fundraising and collaboration.

Well, the title already gave the last part away, but for those who still want the venue to be s-p-e-l-l-e-d o-u-t, it is in Goa!

Time to ditch the tux, put on your sunscreen and head down to the beach.

If you are interested in attending the event, please go through the form here.