Startup Goa and a Facebook messenger bot makes finding jobs in the state a lot easier.

We have been running our job board for more than half a decade and many have strolled through our web pages and found their dream jobs. Many employers have also found their ideal candidates and employees as well. The Startup Goa job board is free and allows companies to create profiles for themselves, while job hunting candidates can find these jobs and apply for them by contacting the company directly.

Over the last couple of years, Startup Goa has been creating awareness about the tech scene in the state. We have a map that points to the startups running in Goa and a blog that writes about interesting findings as well.

Stumbling upon the job board and being proactive, Nitesh Sawant, a Goa-based developer decided to make job hunting a lot easier. He created a Facebook messenger bot that helps pick up jobs and sends them out to interested people. It wasn’t a simple endeavour and he went through a lot of websites and finally stumbled upon this page which taught him how to create a Facebook bot using Node.js.

There is more information on the bot and it’s creation, check out his post on,