Seaside Startup Summit makes it way to Goa in the first week of March

Startup Armenia Foundation responsible for organising different startup summits across the globe has made its way to Goa this year. The foundation founded by Artur Janibekyan and Hakob Hakobyan conducts different startup events across the world. The event is now organised in countries like the UAE, India, Spain, Singapore and several others under the name Seaside Startup Summit.

Sevan Startup Summit has finally gone global giving Armenian startups a chance to interact with investors, clients and other individuals from all over the place. The event will be organised in the UAE from the 8th to the 12th of February. Many well known startups from all over the MENA region will make an appearance at the event.

Sevan Startup Summit along with the Startup India foundation will be organising the Seaside startup summit in India, in March. This summit is a non formal event organised like a tent camp, creating the most appropriate platform for Startups to connect with investors. Startups get a chance to pitch their ideas, win prizes and even investment, or finally learn about the Indian market. The event will take place from the 6th to the 11th of March on the shores of Goa.

More than 150 early stage startups and approximately 100 early stage investors, from different continents will be participating at the event. Furthermore, there would be more than 200 guests at the event, interacting with the participants. They would event be participating in the take part in the events sessions, startup pitches, workshops, training sessions and the closing ceremony.

The agenda for the event is not out yet, but should be out by mid of February 2018.

If you are a startup looking to make some interesting connections, looking for investors, or just have an interesting pitch, Seaside Startup Summit is the place to be.