RZ2 Games releases Boat Load The Game free as a response to piracy


In the app economy where most developers release a free “Lite” version and a paid ”Pro” version, RZ2 Games has released a full version game – Boat Load The Game – free with model which may seem counter intuitive. The game features an in-game button to support a “pay what you like” model. Such a model has been used successfully by musicians and other creatives” in the past. Players may play the whole game without paying anything if they choose. Players who appreciate the months of work that go in to making a game and wish to support the developer may pay from within the game. The rationale of RZ2 Games is that “people who do not wish to pay for the game but still want to play will download a cracked copy from a third party website and install on a jail-broken device. Such a cracked version is highly likely to become available on third party sites within hours of us launching the “legit” version.”

The rise of sites like IndieGogoKickstarterWishBerryHumbleBundle etc, show a rise in people willing to pay to support creative work. Of late, we also keep coming across reports about groups opposing “evil DRM”, recall the recent backlash against the DRM in SIMS online. Investing large amount of time and effort in implementing DRM for the cat-and-mouse chase between, content creators and crackers/pirates, takes away from concentrating on creating great content.
RZ2 Games also pointed out that part of the proceeds will go to charity, “A few organizations have been identified for this, but we cannot name them or put links to them till official discussions with them complete. In the mean time, we can continue to donate proceeds to them unofficially. Please spread the word!”
Boat Load The Game is available free on Google Play: