Job Description:

Specific Skills
1. Hands-on knowledge of setting up email accounts using Google for Businesses and Office 365
2. Configure domains include A records, domain forwarders, CNAME and MX records
3. Set up and manage cloud servers and hosting, at sites such as Digital Ocean, Amazon and similar others
4. Configure CDNs to optimize websites
5. Track and monitor site performance and downtime, and ensure it’s optimized at all times

General Skills
1. Configuring and setting up Network, including routers and firewalls and monitoring network traffic
2. Coordinating and liaisoning with IT Vendors, ISPs, and others and negotiating rates and delivery terms
3. Manage hardware and software assets of the company, and update software versions and licenses that will expire
4. Manage existing domains and renew them before they expire
5. Familiarity with open source software and installing them

About Us:
We are a cluster of companies based in Goa which have for over a decade served global clients such as Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Hyatt Hotels, McKinsey, IBM, Airtel, Hewlett Packard, KFC, Kotak, Goldman Sachs, HDFC Bank and many others.

Our companies include ScreenRoot which focuses on human:screen interaction design (mobile apps, web applications, intranets…); Synapse which specialises in business communication, Visual JuJu that’s focused on multimedia and Starving Artist Films which makes films designed for online media. In addition, Prototyze is an incubator, currently working on building mobile technology centered products in multiple sectors.

An unconventional ‘Annual Report’ of our organization is at PrivateUnlimited.com and a playful compendium of life here is on Facebook.

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