We are looking for a passionate hands-on engineer to join our Engineering team at Goa. In this role, you will be responsible to:

1. drive innovation in Software Development, while relentlessly improving performance, scalability, and maintainability.

2. design and build efficient, scalable systems that are used by millions of people across the globe from day one

3. own what you build as you create, test, and refine what’s under the hood of our product

4. work closely with the product team to develop back end services that meet their needs

5. be proactive in finding ways to improve the performance, architecture, and development processes for the high performance computation system

6. investigate production issues pertaining to end user features to determine root cause and implement solutions

7. investigate performance issues/scalability bottlenecks, existing queries and/or write new queries with performance optimisation in mind

8. identify libraries and technologies worth experimentation

9. be responsible for developing predictive systems, creating efficient algorithms, and improving data quality in the context of clinical trials

Required Skill Set:

1. Minimum 3-5 years of experience

2. Strong command over PHP MVC (Knowledge of Laravel / NodeJS / Python preferred). Hands on with basic HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery. Javascript MVVM and templating understanding preferred.

3. Experience working with Relational and non Relational databases and understanding their data models and performance tradeoffs.

4. Strong database design and query writing skills with a commitment to performance and efficiency

5. Worked with real time web applications and event driven architectures

6. Understanding of caching techniques and systems like Memcache / Redis

7. Comfortable with search engines like Solr or ElasticSearch

8. Knowledge of service oriented architecture, micro services, and distributed systems

9. Knowledge of REST paradigm

10. Good knowledge of object oriented programming and design patterns

11. Sound knowledge and application of algorithms and data structures with space and time complexities

12. Good problem-solving skills

13. Follow industry coding standards and responsible for writing maintainable/scalable/efficient code to solve business problems

14. Hands-on experience of working with Databases and Linux/Unix platform

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