We’re looking for an Assistant Production Manager to improve, set up and manage production lines. Photojaanic products need to be manufactured within 24-48 hours at high quality, low-cost specifications. We’re looking for someone who loves challenges, has a big “waste removal” mindset, can work under pressure, can lead, and can coach and motivate a team. We’re looking for someone who can get into the details of printing equipment, work with our Tech Support and IT teams to automate processes, and continuously improve cycle times, and reduce waste and customer complaints.


– Ensure products are manufactured on-time, on-quality

– Monitor cycle times, complaints, redos, productivity and capacity and plan accordingly

– Manage shift planning, production planning, capacity planning

– Line improvements/setup

– Equipment selection, setup low-cost semi-automation methods

– Ensure all calibrations, checklists, processes followed

– Coach and help build the production team

– Update all SOP’s and processes for new products and product improvements

– Ensure all staff regularly trained for their work

– Ensure required safety and legal practices adhered to


– Relevant factory leadership experience, a minimum of 4 years

– Kaizen, lean manufacturing experience or certification

– Hands-on and detail-oriented

– Strong communication and leadership skills

– A big desire to continuously improve

About Photojaanic

Your best memories and photos deserve to not be locked up and lost on devices.

Bring your best moments into your life. Photojaanic helps people print the stories they care about. We believe capturing moments and pursuing creative interests matters.

We're based out of Goa and Singapore. We design, develop, manufacture and market all of our products. Quality control and product innovation are important to us. We are also the exclusive marketer and manufacturer of the Kodak Collections premium range of photo albums.


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