1. Work with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions.
2. Should be able to decode business rules to UI/UX into functional scope and technical
3. Ensuring responsiveness and cross-platform optimization for applications.
4. Write technical documentation.
5. Follow software development lifecycle for test driven development(TDD)
6. Diagnose, fix bugs and performance bottlenecks
7. Implement security policies and processes to secure the application
8. Monitor & optimize application performance
9. Ability to quickly adapt and migrate code to most current technologies.


1. 3+ years of proven experience working as a Frontend Developer

2. Sound knowledge of design patterns and practices for writing clean, linted, maintainable and
3. Proficient understanding of modern frontend stack – JavaScript, React.js.
4. Experience with React Native, Typescript, GraphQL, css-in-js and other frameworks is a
5. Thorough understanding of browser APIs and controls.
6. Strong on JavaScript fundamentals and knowledge of ES6 and up.
7. Experience with state management frameworks like Redux/Rematch, etc.
8. Excellent communication and teamwork skills
9. An analytical mind with good problem solving skills and attention to detail.
10. Degree in Computer Science or relevant field or relevant experience

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