Numadic is hiring a full-stack human to join our crew as a Technical Project Manager to undisrupt logistics

Numadic delivers logistics & mobility infrastructure and applications.

We work with companies in the automotive, insurance, banking, energy, tolling and telematics industries. We are a remote friendly, nomadic team, with a small base in Goa. We are built on humility and hard work.

Your responsibilities:

  • Handle full Project Management activities; Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control and Closure
  • Investigate and define feature requirements for new product releases
  • Maintain product roadmap in conjunction with internal & external teams
  • Handle parallel product release and support patch releases
  • Conduct daily and weekly team status meetings

You will operate near autonomously with a significant amount of trust placed in you and your ability to grow the company

Once our team aligns on a project vision, implementation constraints and success criteria, the truck is in your hands. Your unique experiences and learnings play a huge role in shaping the way our company works and the direction we head.

To power through this role, you will need self-discipline, a flexible mind, extreme self-motivation and:

  • An engineering degree
  • Advanced capabilities in spreadsheets
  • Demonstrated experience in lean product teams
  • Experience mentoring, coaching and developing talent
  • Strong sense of personal accountability

About Numadic

Numadic builds visibility solutions that undisrupt logistics. We power the supply chain technologies of some of the largest companies in India.

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