Attend regularly scheduled event office meets.

Assist the Light Designer in identifying, assessing, and improving internal processes.

Ensure a safe and healthy work environment and compliance with all policies and procedures.

Understand set layouts and basic flow of events before reaching the event venue for set up.

Assist the Light Designer in preparing practical light fittings and effects as may be required for the event.

Assist the Light Designer in distributing inventory in case of multiple events.

Update the Inventory outgoing register in accordance with the last revised element list provided by the management.

Cross checks the Inventory with the element list before leaving the workshop for an event.

Keep a check on the equipment which is being externally outsourced, sourced in advance, and returned in the same condition as supplied.

Ensure the Assistant Light Technician has sufficient equipment and stock for smooth operational running.

Responsible for preparing, storing, and transporting equipment to event venues.

Load inventory as per the guidelines set by management.


Contribute to the team with ideas and suggestions that helps in achieving the desired goal.

Explore new technologies, practices, and techniques in the industry and look to develop and share relevant skills with colleagues.

Train and supervise the Assistant Light technician to ensure relevant health and safety policies are complied with.

Communicate to the Senior Light Technician in case of inventory unavailability due to maintenance or repair issues that may cause a delay in the event planning and execution.

Ability to effectively communicate minor changes and alterations made by Light Designer.

Ability to understand the technical capability of Assistant Light Technician and effectively delegate tasks.

Revenue management

Assist the Light Designer in delivering events within budget.


Ensure appropriate health and safety guidelines are followed on site.

Ensure excellent customer service and quality delivery.

To be present on time for all event setups and assist the Light Designer in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

To be flexible and capable of multi-tasking during an event.

Responsible for rigging all equipment during event setup as per specifications mentioned by the manufacturer.

Ability to assist Light designer to fulfill minor changes and alterations based on the client’s request.

Assist the Light Designer in resolving technical issues when they arise.

Present a professional image to clientele, and ensure excellence in customer satisfaction.

Assist Audio, Video, and Staging departments as and when required.

Post Event

Responsible for preparing, storing, and transporting equipment post-event as per guidelines set by the management.

De-rig all equipment at the end of the event, and safely transport it away from the event location to the designated storage area.

Load/unload the equipment post-event.

Assist the Light Designer in analyzing event performance and identifying flaws.

Post-event all lighting-related equipment are crosschecked with the master inventory list to prevent any loss of equipment.

Maintenance and repairs

Perform routine maintenance and, maintain a safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves, and workstations neat and clean.

Assist in carrying out servicing and repairs of all light equipment at authorized service centers.

Report any case of equipment damages/malfunction/shortage to the Senior Light Technician.



Must have adequate knowledge & experience with event lighting/trussing.

Should have good communication skills.

Should be able to operate the lighting console.

Applicants must be flexible with work timings.

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