Job Title: Sr. Technical Architect

Location: Panjim, North Goa

Salary: upto 28 LPA

Experience Required

? Min. 10 years of experience in coding and software design preferably in Microsoft .Net or other Object-Oriented Programming languages with backend as SQL Server. Having knowledge of Angular would be desirable.

? Min. 5 years of experience within the total years of experience in designing architecture for enterprise grade applications with high scalability and high availability.

Skills Desirable

? Microsoft Certified Architect/ Sun Certification Enterprise Architect / Open Group IT Architect Certification or similar.

Skills Required

? Good communication and leadership skills

? Excellent knowledge of Microsoft .Net or other Object-Oriented Programming languages

? Good knowledge of database especially MS SQL Server.

? Knowledge and experience with Sonarqube, Jenkins, Dynatrace and othersimilarsoftware tools will be a plus.

? Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of high-level and low-level code refactoring.

? Should have a good understanding on non-functional areas like performance, scalability studies, human interaction, software ergonomics.

? Should have created highly scalable, stable, extendable products with hands-on experience in faster product delivery.

? Should have a thorough knowledge of new technologies to apply in the business.

? Should also possess a good understanding in Object Oriented Designs, Data Structures, and Design Patterns.

? Should have Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think strategically and provide innovative solutions.

? Having experience in agile methodologies and building DevOps CI/CD pipeline would be an added advantage.

Interested Candidate share CV on greenarrowcareer@gmail.com

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