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We are looking for a Web Developer to join our team and be a part of our vision for Hypercube Technologies. The ideal candidate would be autonomous, hard working and uncompromising when it comes to deadlines.

Job Description
Your primary role will be web development of new client websites, handling changes and web/server maintenance for current client websites and creation of web applications when needed. You will work in conjunction with other team members (Graphics, Content and Social Media).


  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. Good knowledge of PHP
  3. Skilled with WordPress , WordPress development and using popular themes and plugins including Cornerstone and X Pro
  4. Knowledge of MySQl and PhPMyAdmin
  5. Knowledge of SSH and Linux based servers (Not a compulsory requirement. Training will be provided)
  6. Fair knowledge of Google Analytics and its integration
  7. The ability of enjoy the work and work well as a team 🙂


Our Salary structure is very unique and is tailor made to ensure our team grows with the company.


About Hypercube Technologies

Hypercube Technologies is a company focused on providing a modern and trending approach to digital marketing encompassing ALL services related to digital media including web development, graphic design, social media marketing and management, photography, videography and advertising.

Another service provided by Hypercube Technologies is the creation of virtual 3D environments for visualization of buildings and houses allowing the ability to see what a construction project would look like even before it is built.

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