Your Technical Background:

  • You’re constantly honing your craft of PHP development
  • You welcome open source technologies — e.g. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
  • You have knowledge of SQL/NoSQL databases.
  • You have the ability to integrate a variety of data sources and databases into a single system
  • You contribute clean, readable, and idiomatic code
  • You understand and appreciate quality code and architecture
  • You structure, test, and document your code to be used in a team setting
  • You believe that all code is legacy code if it isn’t unit tested
  • You want to work on a team that encourages you to use the latest and greatest Android practices

You’ll love this job if:

  • You enjoy collaborating with product designers and software test engineers to create seamless digital experiences
  • You embody a growth mindset to continuously learn new technologies and hone your craft
  • You’re comfortable in providing and receiving constructive feedback from your teammates
  • You value time to deeply immerse yourself in your work
  • You treat others with consideration and respect
  • You celebrate differences and thrive in an environment where everybody’s unique contributions are welcome

Good to have

  • You’ve excellent knowledge of the basic PHP or web server exploits along with their solutions.
  • You’re using frameworks such as codeigniter, cakephp, etc.
  • You have experience of PHP’s fully synchronous behaviour.
  • You’ve worked in an agency setting or feel comfortable interacting with clients
  • You enjoy mentoring and teaching others
  • You have a GitHub account to share.

About Helix Tech

About Helix Tech
In 2013, when the Indian startups had just started gaining momentum & Smartphones were picking up faster than ever, two new IT graduates started building mobile apps, making the most of this wave. Six years since and we’ve consulted close to 500+ Apps for over 100 clients across 6 continents. Our goal is simple – Amaze our clients by delivering high-quality software which runs smoothly, strategically & predictably.

Today, Helix Tech is an award-winning mobile-first technology partner to big and small entities, providing them end-to-end turnkey software solutions. It’s voted as the company of the year by CIO review & has ranked among the top 30 companies to watch out for by Silicon Review.

We’re running a non-profit initiative called HT for STUDENTS, where we educate along with our commitment towards being a practice school station for BITS. It comprises of training students in app development every summer at our HQ in Goa.

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