As a digital content writer you’ll produce the written content for webpages, copy for graphics, captions for various social media posts as well as advertising appeals.
Your job will be to engage the reader and motivate them to do something, such as buy a product or service. You may also write copy designed to convey valuable information about a brand, industry or issue. You may also be known as the copywriter!

We don’t look for A1 grades or a framed degree to join our agency in Goa. What you need to have are something beyond the books like the ones below:

  • Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio
  • Impeccable grasp of the English language, including idioms and current trends in slang and expressions
  • Ability to work independently with little or no daily supervision
  • Strong interpersonal skills and willingness to communicate with clients, colleagues, and management
  • Ability to work on multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously
  • Strict adherence to the style guides of each company and their policies for publication
  • Good time management skills, including prioritizing, scheduling, and adapting as necessary
  • Proficiency with computers, especially writing programs, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Familiarity with each client’s requirements and the company’s brand image, products, and services


  1. Produce well-researched content for publication online and in print
  2. Organize writing schedules to complete drafts of content or finished projects within deadlines
  3. Utilize industry best practices and familiarity with the organization’s mission to inspire ideas and content
  4. Communicate and cooperate with a writing team, including a content manager, editors, and web publishers
  5. Follow an editorial calendar, collaborating with other members of the content production team to ensure timely delivery of materials
  6. Develop related content for multiple platforms, such as websites, email marketing, product descriptions, videos, and blogs
  7. Monitor and analyze the performance of key performance indicators (KPIs) to offer suggestions for improvement
  8. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in writing to maximize the online visibility of a website in search results
  9. Write high-engagement social media content that reflects our brand’s voice
  10. Write captions for various social media handles and copy to be used on graphical content
  11. Should be able to write various advertising appeals
  12. Collaborate with Marketing, PR and Customer Experience to develop a variety of content marketing materials
  13. Produce error-free content that adheres to the company’s style guidelines
  14. Interpret creative direction and adapt points from creative briefs into persuasive copy concepts
  15. Simultaneously manage multiple projects with short deadlines
  16. Propose copy concepts and present underlying strategic thinking to business leaders

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