Need Customer Support Executive, should have good communication skills and should know English, Hindi, Konkani, and Marathi. Candidate should have a Diploma, BCA, BSC, or equivalent qualification.

About freethink

freethink is a GovTech Startup that helps organisations migrate from legacy paper-based systems to paperless operations. Our public sector faces a number of challenges such as Rising Population, Rapid Urbanisation, Increasing Traffic, etc. It is not enough to simply work harder or strain existing infrastructure to its limits. We need a smart solution to transform the way we serve our citizens. mapflows is an Operating System for Modern Governance that combines the power of Paperless Workflows, GIS, and IoT into a single integrated platform. Easy migration of legacy systems, Automation of tasks, Advanced analytics, and Decision Support Tools that help you build a smarter organisation.

Large organisations that have Field Operations are the hardest to manage using traditional means. Utilities or Municipalities have lakhs of assets, and hundreds of employees, and have to respond to issues in real-time. They presently use ad-hoc tools such as WhatsApp to communicate and collaborate, but it is highly inefficient while working in a hierarchy. freethink offers Integrated Operations Management Systems that are purpose-built to improve collaboration and ensure that the whole team is on the same page.

We deliver turnkey projects that include Government Process ReEngineering, to improve the way an organisation serves its stakeholders. Our projects have documented savings of tens of crores and have massively improved the efficiency and transparency of Government Organisations.

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