Flashlab is on a hunt for creative & enthusiastic young individuals interns and professional minds willing to learn & cultivate their thoughts and ideas into perfecting graphical content along with us. Having any of the following basic or skilled knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro or any other Video Editing Platform.

Willing to learn 100%
Should be dedicated.
Intentions of working long term and growing.
Familiarity with basic Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Salary Range
Adhering to Skillset, Creativeness, Mindset and Experience. However ,we are open to Interns as well as professionals and the salary will range from 5,000 for interns up to 20,000 for Professionals.

About Flashlab Creative

Flashlab Creative Group Private Limited

We deliver work across the full spectrum of traditional and digital media, sharply customising each piece of work to where it will live. We offer marketing strategy, ad films, videos, photos, graphic and website design, site optimisation, content creation, manage online reputation and business branding, social media marketing, branding and online advertisement on various platforms.

We blend our strategy with our creative team, produce everything under one roof, and provide complete media tools for our clients. This means we only create work that is incredibly great for the brand, creative, faster than you thought possible, and consistent in the translation of the idea to the audience.

Our creative & marketing ideas, techniques & strategies have always lead us to success. Our team, even when off duty is always taking an extra step by producing ideas that help support the brand. We’re reliable & our work results have show it.

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