Business Systems Analyst
This position is responsible for defining the requirements of the project, including eliciting
requirements, organizing and prioritizing, translating and simplifying requirements as well as
managing and communicating the requirements to various stakeholders. This candidate is also
responsible to assist with project management and quality assurance functions as well as
deployment of applications.

• Understand business needs, problems and opportunities in the context of requirements and
recommend solutions within the application that enable to meet current and future needs
and resolve current problems/inefficiencies with no supervision
• Define the requirements of the project: this includes but is not limited to gathering with no
supervision requirements, requirements organization and prioritization, translating and
simplifying requirements, requirements management and communication with no
• Use best practices and various techniques/tools to document and communicate the
requirements clearly to various stakeholders. Be able to adjust the level of details and
complexity based on the stakeholder level of understanding. Ensure that internal technical
teams, developers and QA, are able to easily understand what is to be built and navigate
documentation while the project is in progress with no supervision
• Ensure requirements’ testability by defining parameters that can be verified by QA team.
Work with QA team on ensuring that requirements meet relevant QA standards and
software verification and validation with no supervision
• Ensure requirements are met by verifying functionality, accuracy and completeness of the
project requirements implemented against the original documents with no supervision
• Liaise with key stakeholders to assure continued alignment of the project with present
requirements and manage and changes and its effect on project scope, budget, and timeline
with no supervision
• Assist in development of processes and best practices, organizational policies and processes,
and strategic initiatives
• Generate documentation that describe the system at different levels of detail and how the
solution has been implemented including handling functionality and architecture to
understand inner and outer dependencies of the product at hand
• Assist with project management and quality assurance functions as well as deployment of
applications into the client environment

The ideal candidate for the position should have the following skills and experience:
Technical Qualifications:
• Experience in getting requirements, documenting and managing requirements
• Experience using various techniques such as process modeling, functional decomposition,
document analysis, data modeling and other
• Experience of preparing large documents with sections that can be easily navigated, well
organized, readable and cross referenced using various programs/tools
• Experience in using prototyping tools such as Axure
• Experience in analyzing and documenting complex processes, systems and organizational
structure in diagrams to define relevant workflows that assist stakeholders in understanding
system structure
• Experience to identify gaps in provided requirements and get the information needed so
that decisions for issues facing the team can be addressed effectively
• In-depth knowledge of software development lifecycle and methodologies
• In-depth understanding of concepts and components in building web and mobile
• Exposure to gathering requirements for various industries

Personal Skills:
• Ability to handle verbal and written communications adjusting a level of details and
complexity from junior developers to executive staff based on the stakeholder
• Ability to quickly gather, comprehend and organize information logically at a different level
of details from high-level summaries to detailed documents
• Ability to research for information such as best practices applicable to a project
• Ability to offer alternative/creative approaches to help define functionality when clients
struggle to make decisions
• Ability to quickly decompose complex structure into simple, logical pieces that fit together
• Ability to think in diagrams to define relevant workflows
• Ability to identify gaps in provided documents/requirements
• Ability to define and prioritize short-term and long-term objectives throughout the project
and make necessary corrections under changing circumstances consistently
• Ability to learn relevant new concepts, tools and technologies quickly

Education and Work Experience:
• The candidate should have over 5 years of working experience in related field or equivalent
combination of education and experience.
• Background in CS, IT or related scientific discipline is preferred.

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