We’re looking for someone to manage our Human Resources as we grow our team and build an organization:

You should have:
1) Amazing people skills.
2) Ability to take full ownership of your areas of work.
3) Focus on “execution and results” / “getting things done”.
4) Minimum 1 year experience with this kind of a role at a startup is preferred.
5) A gregarious and outgoing personality
6) Good Communication Skills

Your role: 
1) Overall Studio Management (nurturing our studio space and environment)
2) Recruitment (finding the best talent to keep pace with our growth)
3) Induction (helping new people settle down and feel comfortable)
4) Financial Management (keeping track of invoices, money, salaries – all the good stuff)
5) New Initiative (lets organize a karate class for everyone!)
6) Side Projects (like Kaipoche.co, DVOD.co)

What you should expect: 
1) Complete freedom (As long as you are getting things done. The right things!)
2) An education in organization building that you can’t get for any price
3) Have a large impact on how fast and gracefully we grow
4) Work-life balance (after you enforce it on all of us!)
5) Beautiful, big and comfortable workplace (as your canvas)
6) Amazing growth. We’re growing fast, you will too.

About Beard Design

Beard Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio that focuses on Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design and Web / UX Design. Housed in a quaint bungalow in Goa, the studio is made up of designers and developers from across India. It works with a diverse range of clients from more than 11 countries.

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