Ajency.in is a premium software development company based out of Panjim. We are looking to grow our team and we are hiring across skills and levels.

Why should you work at Ajency.in?

You will get to learn new skills and technologies
In the last 1 year alone we have worked on JAVA with spring boot and Hibernate, Python, Nodejs, React, React native, Graphql, Angular, Laravel, Elastic search, WordPress, Shopify, Dev ops with AWS, Docker, Heroku among others.

Add recognizable names to your resume
At Ajency.in we work with some of the best technology startups. Having these projects on your resume adds credibility to it and opens up opportunities that are otherwise difficult to access.

Some of the clients we work with
Transunion Cibil – India’s largest credit bureau. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ TransUnion_CIBIL

Payu. India’s leading payment gateway. https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/PayU

Oyorooms – Does not need an introduction.

Airmeet – Raised over $12 million from Sequoia, Accel and other top VC’s.

Healthkart – India’s largest health marketplace. Over $70 million in funding.

Tata group’s mobile wallet.

Not to mention that we continue to offer some of the best salaries in Goa and our alumni today holds leadership roles across technology companies both in Goa and other cities.

Who should apply?

We are looking to speak to developers with between 1 and 10 years of experience. If you have applied to us in the past do not hesitate to apply again.

About Ajency.in

We are an eight-year-old, 30-member strong premium software development and interface design company. We are based out of Panjim, Goa with awesome work culture. We are an employee-focused team with a strong emphasis on skill-building and keeping abreast with the fast-changing world of web programming. We believe in flexible hours, regular reviews and quantified appraisal systems. We go to great lengths to make everyone comfortable and our developers have ergonomic keyboards and individual work desks.

Our current client mix is spread equally over India and London/U.S. We are thrilled to have been working with Healthkart (India’s largest health and fitness store. Sequoia-backed) and an omnichannel player in kids clothing (backed by a leading apparel brand that’s listed on the BSE).

We have also worked with some of the best technology startups in India like Commonfloor.com (Bangalore) - backed by Google, Weddingz.in - backed by industry leaders like Rajan Anandan (Managing Director, Google India), Tata Teleservices (who in India has not heard of the Tatas!), Goomo (India’s newest kid on the travel block, USD 50 million in funding), one of the world's top 30 pharmaceutical companies (Mylan's London Innovation office), Browntape, Vacation Labs and many others.

Our projects include a crowdfunding platform based out of London that has helped over 40 startups raise their seed funding, a website that went from 0 to million page views in less than 6 months, a short film movie platform, real estate tools, telemedicine and remote healthcare solution amongst others.

More details on the company can be seen at https://www.ajency.in/

Work hours

Monday to Friday with an option of flexible working hours.

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