How to Write a Press Release for Your Startup

Press releases form the crux of an event or a product when it’s all set to be executed. A smart and crisp Press Release hits all the right notes and works its magic well enough to sound inviting. The core strength of a Press Release is to make everyone in the mail-list sound special; like your sole existence is to cater to their wants and needs alone. It’s all about striking a right cord and making one feel wanted. Get that knack together and you have your game on.

A well-scripted Press Release has all the elements intact while sounding humble and precise. A Press Release should not sound bloated with unnecessary information, or it will go unnoticed by the reader. Here’s how you can master the art of creating the right Press Release and gain some ardent followers and loyalists in the process.


  • Needs to be crisp and precise. Should encapsulate the intent of the event in a single line. Word limit – 8.

Address The 5 W’s and 1 H.

  • What – The name of the event.
  • When – Precise time with the DD/MM/YY date
  • Where – Location of the event with detailed address. An added Google Maps/official venue link would be perfect.
  • Who – Who is organizing and spearheading the event.
  • Why – Why is the event being organized.
  • How – The event’s show-flow. The various proceedings set to take place during and/or post the event.


  • Add few contact details (contact numbers, e-mail addresses) so the receiver can R.S.V.P. to the event, or get in touch for further information regarding the event.

Share Tab

  • As per your requirement, you can add a share tab allowing a person to share the Press Release with other people through social media sites or mail.