Goan Tech Company Kallows Engineering Launches Portable Heart Monitor

Heath tech is a booming vertical and a Goan technology company, Kallows Engineering has released a very innovate ultra portable heart monitor.

But unlike average heart monitors, this one runs on smartphones and has the ability to communicate a patient’s ECG readings with a cardiologist’s smartphone anywhere in the world. In real time!

I remember my first ECG reading – I was 10 years old and the attendant provided it to me on a little scroll of paper with some funny graphs. We’ve come a long way indeed!

Anyway, Gajanan Nagarsekar, the Managing Director of Kallows, came up with the idea while focusing on ways to save lives through ultra-portable and practical devices. At Rs 15,000 each ($300), it has little reason not to make it’s way into the hands of cardiologists around the country.


It’s great to see such innovative tech products coming out of Goa.