Events Galore at Technival 2016

Technival 2016 by NIT-Goa is set to kickstart with a grand ceremony on the 21st October along with a blowout of various events from the 22nd to the 23rd of October. Technival will also comprise of guest lectures and exhibitions that can be availed by participants and the public alike.

There will be 24 events divided into 7 domains with prizes worth Rs. 2,30,000 up for grabs. If you are a participant, you should be all set for some good spirited competition throughout the event.

The event details are as follows;

  • Roboworld
      • Vengeance – A Robowars event, where two robots fight against each other. Prizes worth: Rs 45,000/-
      • Labyrinthos – The robot needs to follow the line the fastest with the least penalties incurred. Prizes worth: Rs 14,000/-
      • Roborace – The fastest robot to complete the obstacle course. Prizes worth: Rs 18,000/-
  • Code It
      • Hackathon – A 24hr event where contestants are given problems and need to come up with unique solutions. Prizes worth: Rs 18,000/-
      • ProgramMatics – Programming event to test the design, coding and debugging ability of participants. Prizes worth: Rs 10,000/-
      • Blind Coding – Code a simple program without looking at your screen. Prizes worth: Rs 3,500/-
  • Ultimate Gamers
      • Consists of 5 popular gaming events among engineering students. Prizes worth: Rs 44,500/-
        • Counter Strike 1.6
        • Need For Speed Most Wanted
        • Fifa 2014
        • Clash Royale
        • Mini Militia
  • Think you know it?
      • Consists of 3 quizzes that will test different fields of knowledge. Prizes worth: Rs 22,000/-
        • Trivium
        • Mathionaire
        • Sports
      • Also, consists of Cognitive skill competitions. Prizes worth: Rs 10,000/-
        • Rubix
        • Beeyond Beelief
  • Creativity (Prizes worth: Rs 9,000/-)
    • Comic Con – Comic designing
    • Mind Map – Presentation on paper
    • Photography Contest – Theme ‘Connect’
    • Sports/Outdoor (Prizes worth: Rs 26,000/-)
      • Cricket Pro – 5 a side with one over each
      • Futsal – 5 a side mini football
      • Find the Balance – A slow bike race
  • Luck Favours You? (Prizes worth: Rs 12,000/-)
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Minute to Win It

Registration for all events have officially been opened.

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