Bible Inspiration App launched by GITIC alumni crosses 50k downloads

While at GITIC last week, we had the pleasure of meeting Lucio Mesquita and Ajay Naik of L&A Tech, the creators of several successful apps such as Bible Inspiration. It took Lucio and Ajay 2 years of hard work and research to create this app, finally releasing it in the end of May 2013. The app was aimed at the large Catholic population in Goa but has seen tens of thousands of downloads across the world.

The beauty of their app is that you receive inspirational quotes and messages suited to the mood you are in, every day. At the rate that the quotes, messages and parables are sent it is possible to finish reading the bible in a year. However for some reason if you didn’t get a chance to read on a particular day, the app helps you cover up by sending you extra quotes the next day and in the course of time you cover up what you had missed. If you liked a particular quote you can share it with your friends or others that you feel might like it.

Lucio Mesquita mentioned how GITIC helped them a lot before and after the release of the app saying that the structure of the incubation center showed them a set of rules that came a long way with the app, not to forget all the people Ashton Souza, the director of GITIC and the other mentors managed to connect them with.

They realized the internet was largely moving from computers to mobile phones and tablets so they tried to grab all that traffic and released the app for the mobile as well. Sadly, all you iOS and Blackberry users will have to wait as the current version is created only for the android but there is one coming your way very soon.

After seeing the success of the Bible Inspiration app they decided to create a Gita Inspiration app as well and from there move forward on an a secular app that will be used by people who believe in God but not in any particular religion.

The newly released Gita Inspiration app is catching up to the Bible Inspiration app. Their strategy was a slow growth as opposed to raising money too fast and having the entire operation collapsing under unnecessary growth and monetization pressures. They are also one of the few firms that believe in customer satisfaction, they hate crashes and test their apps manually and also build bots to test it for them. If they receive a complaint about any particular app they try to get right to fixing it.

They believe they became successful because they take trouble making other peoples lives easy and are happy doing that. Simplicity and innovation is the key.