An Evolving List of Broadband Internet Providers in Goa

One of the major worries for any startup these days is connectivity and a good internet connection cannot be overstated. Goa has a bad rap on this count. But internet accebility and speed is improving rapidly.

It would be wrong to base one’s judgement on internet providers in Goa on the basis of that trip to the secluded beach where you could not get 3G on your phone. Goa has fantastic internet options when it comes to catering for startups. The major cities in Goa, like Panjim , Vasco and Margao and their suburbs, and the various industrial estates like Verna, Pilerne, etc. require strong connectivity with the rest of the world. This means that internet is already a top priority with these places. There are scores of providers who can set up a broadband connection for you at your office space, and give you an option of flexible monthly and yearly plans to choose from. At the same time, if you are looking to work out of the quieter interiors, all you need is a working landline connection, and you are good to go with a suitable broadband plan.

Broadband Internet Providers in Goa


The government telecom venture, BSNL, clubs Maharashtra and Goa into the same bracket, which means that you can be assured of tariff and connectivity in Goa similar to that in Maharashtra. The quality of internet connections provided by BSNL is also on an upward path. Here is a comprehensive list of the various plans that BSNL offers to its consumers.

2. Tata Broadband

Tata is another great broadband service provider. In fact, the wi-fi connectivity at the Goa domestic and international airports is provided by Tata. With its general popularity and comprehensive offers on plans, Tata is one option that you can choose depending upon your location in Goa.

3. Reliance Broadband

Reliance offers wired internet packages that can be valuable depending upon your location in Goa. With great monitoring and tracking options available, you can keep an eye on the data consumed everyday.

4. Hathway Broadband

Hathway is another trusted name that provides nationwide connectivity through fibre based internet services. Hathway also provides a set of business specific plans with multi office connectivity that you can choose from depending upon your priorities.

5. GWave

GWave is the broadband service offered by the Panjim based United Telecom Services Ltd. Having a homegrown internet provider has its advantages, when it comes to customer service and management. You can get in touch with them here.

6. Joister Broadband

Another local variant that provides broadband internet to the Maharashtra / Goa circuit. Joister claims to provide high-quality fibre optics that end up giving you speeds up to 16Mbps. For more information, visit their website.

7. Railwire

The Government of India in an effort to provide affordable and reliable broadband in the state have teamed up with Railtel Corporation of India. They have started their services by providing internet access to train stations and areas around them at reasonable prices. You can read more about them here

We will continue to update this list. Please leave your feedback about the providers and their services in our comments.