The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Research Makes It’s Way to Goa

24th and 25th October 2015

With an objective like: ‘To present the latest research and results of scientists related to all engineering department topics’, it is not of  any wonder as to why this conference –The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Research – should be a must for all tech junkies. This conference contends  an ample playground for all to share their experience, inform, discuss, debate and even hash out their own ‘tech beliefs’  while building business relations and future collaborators. They also help provide a heightened exposure to eager young minds, who are interested in leaving their own  footsteps on the shores of technological progress, by inviting practitioners of all fields like researchers, innovators and engineers to come and help to ease the unraveling of the complex ball of yarn that is technology itself.

A Brief History

The International Association of Engineering and Technology for Skill Development was established in 2013 with its headquarters in Delhi. This was formed to provide a platform to Scientists, Technologists, Academicians and Students to share and discuss the current research work conducted by them individually or in the group to seek solutions to the emerging problems of society for better living conditions. A cause worthy of bright minds for sure.

An Idea, Your Award

Another interesting ‘add-on’ would be an open invitation to all prospective authors who wish to submit their own original manuscripts, maintaining in accordance their contribution and relevance to their perspective fields, accuracy and good old fashion non plagiarism. And hey if all goes well you could have yours published in reputed science journals all over India. Not bad if you’re a fresh face on the techno spectrum. Or if you would like to settle for something a little more shiny and mantlepiece worthy than there are awards distributed to the best paper, best presentation and best college. Keep in mind that the deadline for the submissions are very close at hand, with the 20th of October being the last date of entry while the last date of registration for the event is scheduled for the 23rd of the same month.

So if you happen to catch yourself down in Goa at the time and find fascination in the term ‘technology’, then why not clear two days off your calendar and welcome yourself into that ever-expanding sphere of the technoverse by being a part of such an esteemed occasion.