Kyoorius DesignYatra in Goa – Tickets Completely Sold Out!

Kyoorius DesignYatra is a design festival where the most creative minds in the Indian design space get together for a conference on various aspects of design. The attendees to Kyoorius range from creative directors, artists, designers filmmakers etc. Not a bad combination.

The design conference is organized by a non profit organization started by Transasia Fine Papers, which is a platform for communication, creative and most importantly design communities in India. Taking place in Goa, this event brings draws a lot of attention to creativity in Goa but unfortunately, does little to retain any of that talent and value here.

The tickets for Kyoorius Designyatra are priced between a bit steep at Rs 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 (and are completely sold out) but this seems fair for an event that brings in speakers like Natasha Jen, Jessica Walsh, Margaret Stewart among many others.

Anyone else going?