Role of Content Manager = Content Producer + Media Manager (Owned and Earned Media) + Community Manager


The following are key deliverables: 


1.    Social Content Publishing (Owned & Shared Media)

a.      Become the in-house expert to drive strategy, ideation, and implementation on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as a marketing platform for clients

b.      Build content themes, calendar, and publishing schedule for each client based on sound research and creativity

c.      Build best practices and share them every week in a ONE Pager report for the larger team

d.      Master a tool or multiple tools to manage the thought leadership to be developed with YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook specific marketing


2.    Content Producer Role

a.      Visual Micro-Content

                                                    i.     Ideate, write, and publish micro-content for multiple social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

                                                   ii.     Ideate, Design, and publish original micro-content for multiple social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

                                                  iii.     Track performance and improve organic reach by incorporating brilliant ideas and managing execution on a daily basis as per content publishing calendar

                                                  iv.     Curate articles, images, Infographic, videos and publish with strong copy (posts) on each social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

                                                   v.     Follow  and establish best practices on time to publish, ideal length of posts, size of visual content for each specific platform

                                                  vi.     Have design skills and aesthetics (including skills with Photoshop and similar tools) to create basic micro content with an eye for graphic design


b.     Article writing

                                                    i.     Write articles for publishing on LinkedIn, Medium, and Website Blog based on Content Theme and Topic provided to you each week.

                                                   ii.     Include images, video, Infographic as required (with proper references)

                                                  iii.     Use storytelling techniques to build a robust beginning, middle, and end to capture the attention of the audience

                                                 iv.     Write 5 headlines (use best practices/tools) for each article to ensure maximum exposure to content. In other words test, learn, rinse, and repeat!

                                                   v.     Research competition thoroughly that includes other Businesses, Brands, and Media publishers who are producing similar content

                                                 vi.     Curate articles with commentary to contextualize and personalize the Voice & tone based on guidelines and publish the same on desired platform


c.      Research and Ideation

                                                    i.     Use tools including but not limited to Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Buffer, and Swayy (any others) to understand what is popular/shared/read for a given topic/theme regularly before producing any content



3.    Media Manager (Owned and Earned Media)

a.      Set goals to achieve in terms of views, clicks, shares, RT, Repins for each week. Then achieve them and over deliver on the same

b.     Identify “Influencers” based on Topics, content themes, and popularity across Individuals, Media Publishers, Journalists, Professions, Celebrities etc to craft an outreach strategy for the content you are producing

c.      Reach out to Media Publications after thorough research, pitch them to “guest post” our content (Article, Infographic etc) to increase reach & relevance for what you are doing currently

d.      Design, create and manage promotions and Social campaigns

e.      Compile report for management showing results based on SMART objectives

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We work with you to Define, Create, and Distribute your brand using digital channels across paid, earned, and owned media.

Our primary area of expertise is to guide brands to become successful media publishers in the changing digital landscape. We are firm believer's of Brands as Story tellers that enrich a customers life through education, information, and entertainment. 

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