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Overview of the Position:

For this role, we are looking for a developer responsible for the development of server-side logic, schema definition and maintenance of the databases, and designing high performance and responsive frontends. You will also be responsible for overseeing and guiding a young team of backend and frontend developers.


Experience required: 3+

Job Description:

·        Work closely with software lead and engineering managers to understand the requirements and deliver in a timely manner.

·        Participate actively in design discussions and in defining the long term architecture of the system.

·        Work independently and solve technical problems with minimum supervision.

·        Design and implement of database schema.

·        Writing API Specifications for backend implementation.

·        Design and write great quality node.JS backend code.

·        Design and develop highly responsive frontend application using Angular JS framework.

·        Implementing automated testing platforms and unit test cases for backend and frontend application.

Required Skills:

·        Strong hands on knowledge in any one of Object Oriented Languages such as Java, Python,C++,etc.

·        Strong hands on knowledge on any one of server side scripting languages such as node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Python.

·        Strong hands on knowledge on any one of web application frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, Ember JS.

·        Through understanding of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS

·        Good understanding of relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDb, dynamoDB is added advantage.

·        Comfortable with version control tools like git and managing code contributions from various team members.

About Mrinq Technologies LLP

We are a startup involved in developing IoT products for  the smart access control and smart lighting industry.  We are also involved in developing custom solutions for enterprise customers in the Industrial IOT space. As an end to end solution provider – we design our own hardware, we write the embedded firmware for our hardware and develop the software to use the IoT hardware.

Our current workforce comprises of hardware, firmware, mechanical and software engineers. At present we are a team of about 20 engineers,  fearless and passionate about learning and working with cutting-edge technologies. We are looking to expand our team.

Please have a look at our website as well as our product website, for more details on our product range, named "Spintly".

Overview of our software stack:

Our software architectures usually consists of users interacting with our IOT hardware using Web pages and Android / iOS apps. The web pages and apps talk to the IOT hardware through AWS cloud or in case of apps using Bluetooth or IOT protocols such as CoAP over WiFi. For Cloud, we use technologies such as MQTT (IOT software protocol), Websockets , Serverless computing through Lambdas ( Backend programming done in Node.js and Python), VM using AWS EC2, SQL(PostGressSQL and MySQL)  as well as noSQL(AWS dynamoDB) databases, Authentication using AWS Cognito, etc.

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