A Leading Digital Marketing and website developement Company.

we design & develop responsive websites based on HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery. We are currently looking for efficient & dedicated front-end develop who have thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery etc.We need only expert developers who have complete knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap before applying for this position.You should be aware about the latest design trends and how to tackle them in HTML & CSS.

Minimum 5+ years creating, editing, refactoring, fixing and maintaining HTML websites.
Professionally apply HTML feature, including the latest HTML5 tags and attributes. Should use semantic, clean and organized HTML and apply the best possible way to create a document structure.

We need developers across disciplines
– IOS and Android app development

Anyone with experience in any of the areas mentioned above are welcome to apply.

Candidates should have strong analytical skills as also programming knowledge. The work will be challenging as we do work in core technology areas. We offer a very challenging working environment.

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