Hangout With the Trade Commissioner of Ontario at the NBT Office

On THURSDAY the 14th of May, we have a slightly different kind of meetup planned.  Mr. Amit Shah, the Trade Commissioner of Canada – Ontario IMC, will be heading down to Goa. He’s here to help our fellow Goan startups venture into Ontario, Canada.

The meetup will begin at 6:45 and at 7pm, Mr Shah will deliver a presentation, titled, Ontario, A New Dream, establishing why Canada would be a good base for your company, and how you can expand your base there. Ontario, Canada specifically, makes up a decent part of the Golden Horseshoe, includes Toronto and is just hours from major cities like NYC and Montreal.

This is an excellent opportunity if you run a startup or web services company, looking to expand, or even just having your first thoughts about entering the North American market. Canada provides an affordable base yet gives access to the thriving US marketplace.

Please RSVP on the meetup page or by clicking here and show up on time. Looking forward to seeing you there.