Hacking Out Problems of the eCommerce Industry

Browntape.com, Goa’s leading e-commerce player and inventory manager, will be organizing a hackathon to get young developers to solve the core issues of the ever-so-large e-commerce industry in India. Some of their clients include CocaCola, Milton and Prestige, FlipKart, Snapdeal and many others. If you have knowledge of one web development technology, you could participate, other than that, there are no barriers.

How does this hackathon work?

  • Register in a group, you could register individually and we would add all the loners together
  • You would be given four issues faced by the e-commerce industry in India
  • Choose your problem, choose your team and start hacking
  • Start from Saturday morning all the way to Sunday evening.
    • You won’t have to starve, you would be provided with food and bedding if required.
    • Yes, constant coffee and Red bull is available throughout the day or night.
  • On Sunday, demo your solution, and the judges will decide the winner.

What can I win?

Winning this hackathon, would mean you are winning big.

1st Place – Rs. 35,000

2nd Place – Rs. 15,000

If you like what you have built, you can keep your IP. That’s not all, if we like what you have built, we might make you an amazing offer.

What technologies will I be working with at the hackathon?

Language – PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java, .Net or any other

Database – MySQL, Postgres SQL, MongoDb or any other

Please make sure that you have your own computer with you and that it is set up with everything you would need for the hackathon, so as not to waste too much time before the event begins.

Is there a schedule?

30th January

9.00 am – Team up with others if you are not already in a team

10:00 am – Register your team with organizers

11: 00 am – Register your chosen problem with the organizers, and start hacking.

31st January

6:00 pm – Demos

8:00 pm – Announcing Winners

In case of queries please call on (+91) 915 866 6615 or email keegan@browntape.com