Codeniti Hackathon Goa


Saturday, April 26th from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Center for Incubation and Business Acceleration, Verna, Goa

Codeniti is a series of Hackathon for Good where designers, developers and entrepreneurs converge to create apps, software related projects and even websites. With a shared goal of creating a usable software, the hackathon is open to computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers and developers all over the state who register to take part in the biggest social hackathon of Goa.

Opening with a short presentation by representatives and educators, the participants then break up into groups as they design, plan and build a website or application in the assigned time of less than sixteen hours. Persistence, tenacity, ingenuity, energy and team work are some elements that take over the participants during this period.

The Codeniti Hackathon offers the perfect platform in bringing together like minded intellectuals from all over Goa who use technology as well as their shared enthusiasm to create something meaningful, transforming ideas into reality.