Efficiently lead the team assigned to a project.

Conduct department meetings and update team members on best practices.

Set regular day-to-day goals and tasks for the Event Management team.

Provide day-to-day feedback and evaluation of the team assigned to an event.

Assist top management with the hiring process and new/existing team member training.

Resolve conflicts as well as keep employees motivated.

Performance evaluation and recognition

Assist the Event Director in setting goals for individual members of the team as part of the annual evaluation plan.

Evaluate the performance of the Event Team as per the annual evaluation plan.

Assist the Event Director in deciding the salary increments & promotions based on the annual evaluation.


Attend regularly scheduled event office meets.

Identify, assess, and improve internal processes.

Assist the Event Director in formulating a strategy to identify new areas of revenue.

Assist the Event Manager in planning multiple events efficiently and concurrently.

Prepare presentations of large-scale events.

Strive to achieve successful event planning, interact with the client through the planning process and event execution.

Meet and liaise with clients, and artists to find out onsite requirements and ensure execution beyond the client’s expectations.

Ensure a safe & healthy working environment and compliance with all policies and procedures.

Effective SPOC for the client during event execution.

Maintain a smooth workflow between venue staff and vendors during the event planning process.

Ensure team members have the necessary company equipment with them all times.

Assist the Event Director in all aspects of planning and execution of events.

Ensure event setup adheres to deadlines set by the client.

Double checks the completion and stability of the event setup before handing it over.


Contribute to the team with ideas & suggestions that helps in accomplishing/achieving the desired goal.

Provide constructive training and support to the members of the team.

Train & supervise the Event Team to comply with relevant health and safety policies.

Communicate accurate event schedules to the Event team well in advance.

Assist the Event Director in liaising with clients to find out their exact event requirements.

Conduct pre-setup briefing with all team members & communicate any last-minute changes in the client’s requirements.

Ensure that the event goes smoothly by effectively managing the team and by giving a comprehensive briefing.

Ensure that appropriate inter-department communication is followed:

1) Final settlement of all invoices

2) Fosters vendor relationships.

Maintain a positive working relationship with vendors and venue staff.

Coordinate with the Design department to ensure all event designs are as per the client’s vision.

Ability to effectively communicate minor changes and alterations based on client requests.

Respond to all possible event queries efficiently.

Revenue Management

Maximize revenue generation by approaching possible event leads.

Responsible for large-scale event budgets, calculate foreseeable costs accurately, and manage funds efficiently.

Consider profit margins during the event planning process.

Execute events within the allotted budget.

Assist in the invoicing process by making sure that all deliverables and additions are accounted for.

Ensure payment is made to the respective vendors for their participation in the event.


Ensure appropriate health & safety guidelines are followed on site.

Ensure excellent customer service and quality delivery.

Is on-site to oversee the event setup and offer effective solutions to any issues.

Flexible and capable of multi-tasking during an event.

Coordinate dry run pre-event to avoid technical glitches.

Console management during events by coordinating with the Audio / Visual team.

Monitor project deliverables and timelines during an event.

Post Event

Ensure the dismantling of the event set up in the venue is conducted efficiently.

Analyze the event performance and identify flaws.

Maintain pre-event & post-event expenses by filling respective forms maintained by HR as per specified timelines.



Must have at least 3 years’ experience with Planning & Executing Events.

Must be able to communicate fluently in English.

Should be able to handle a team.

Candidates with Technical & Production knowledge are preferred.

Applicants who have only Coordination & Artist Management experience kindly refrain from applying.

Should be well versed with MS Office (Excel & Power Point).

Flexibility with work timings is a must.

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