VRV Super City Clean Transportation Summit


Gravity 2.0 in partnership with APIIC is presenting a half-day summit on Clean Transportation. The focus on shipping and coastal transportation gives Goan shipping entrepreneurs and enthusiasts an appropriate stage to find the right investment for finance and talents. Visakhapatnam provides some of the best shipping resources and opportunities available in the world. With the rise of the National waterway 4 in Andhra which links Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Puducherry, the opportunity for tremendous growth in this sector is imminent.

This event will be a platform for various government organisations to showcase investment and growth opportunities in the VRV Super City region. Use of Eco friendly modes of transportation and using the latest kinds of technologies to achieve the most fuel efficient transport will be the focal point of this summit.

The discussions held here will include inland coastal and inland shipping along with using the existing infrastructure of transportation which includes rails and roads which can be developed into a more fuel efficient network. The setting up of a transportation University, transportation council and the growth of intelligent transportation systems which will inturn help Goans to create new ideas and help strengthen the shipping industry in Goa.

To say a few words about APIIC, it is a wholly owned government undertaking and stands for Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. This Corporation has developed over 300 industrial parks and tries to develop industrial areas. The VRV Super City Clean Transportation Summit is bound to be a success owing to the large number of business conglomerates and government organisations who will be attending.

This summit will be held on Saturday, the 14th of September 2013 at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Beach Road in Visakhapatnam from 9:30am up to 2:00pm and will provide an excellent opportunity for shipping enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Goa.