The Annual International Innovation Festival, Quark 2016, Is Coming Back

One of the most anticipated annual events of Bit Pilani is coming back shortly. If you have what it takes, you should pull your socks up and head to their campus on the 2nd of February. Keeping in mind their topic revolving around innovation, you would be in the right place if this happens to be your forte.

2nd – 5th February, 2016

With such grand notions of wishing to place themselves amongst the likes of Newton, Darwin and Copernicus, and a unique belief that ‘in curiosity and scepticism that the birthplace of innovation lies’, it’s no wonder that BITS Pilani at the K.K Birla Goa campus has created a prevailing construct for itself as being one of the top Indian Universities in the fields of Science and Technology.

Over The Years

QUARK came into existence in 2006, and has since then proven to be a ubiquitous force in showcasing future innovations and technical prowess. They have also played host to some of India’s and even the world’s most distinguished scientists, free thinkers and leaders of the world, with the likes of Former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Nobel Laureates Sir Harold Kroto and Professor Douglas Osheroff, renowned and well respected scientists such as Dr. Chris Phillips and Dr. Vic Hayes. And to add more color to this rainbow palette of accomplishments, they have been awarded a UNESCO patronage award, which is the highest form of support granted to an organisation.

A Look Back For Something To Look Forward To

Though not much has been said about the event roster for the 2016 technofest, a brief look at previous hostings would help enlighten visitors on what has been done and what to expect. Though it will undoubtedly be one heck of a jargon filled ride!

At Quark 2014, in association with the Physics Society of BITS Goa, they brought in Dr. Walter Lewin, Emeritus Professor of MIT, to deliver a guest lecture on The Birth and Death of Stars. Dr. Lewin had previously held a telepresence session during Quark explaining the dynamics of a black hole.

The lighter side or entertaining side was highlighted by the Ig Nobel Conclave, an official Ig Nobel event, conducted during Quark 2015, featuring an elite lineup consisting of Elena N. Bodnar, Kees Moeliker, Dan Meyer, Ilia van Beest and Lal Bihari, all of them Ig Nobel laureates, apart from the aforementioned speakers.

Aurora, a technical night, featured talks from technological geniuses like Vishal Gondal, the CEO of Indiagames, a special guest lecture from Angad Daryani who is a 15 year old developer at MIT media labs, and Jun Fujiwara, inventor of the ingenious Sound Bottle project.

Well these are just a few of the things that took place, so by taking a good look at this list of feats accomplished by the event, it would surely not be a surprise to expect even better next year! So do whatever you have to do to remind yourself of this event, from post- its stuck to your bathroom mirrors to daily reminders on your cell phone. Quark has provided an unequalled stage for all minds scientific and inquisitive to come and act upon. So wouldn’t you want to be there too?