Overview of the Position:

You will have ownership of managing the software team, resource planning and software project execution. At the heart of this position is delivery. You will be hands-on in driving the delivery of software project and managing all aspects of the project such as requirements gathering from the product owners, project planning, implementation, testing and delivery.


Experience required: 5+

Job Description:

·        Responsible for setting up software processes.

·        Understand the product requirements from Product Owner.

·        Responsible for design and development of REST API’s, Database, Mobile/ Web App’s

·        Define and implement the testing strategy for the product.

·        Build product deployment pipelines, define and implement deployment strategy.

·        Expected to be hands on.

·        Act as a Technical lead to the Development and Testing resources for the day to day software development efforts.


Required Skills:

·        Knowledge of best software engineering practices for all stages of software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, testing and deployment.

·        Understanding of software stacks, backend development, frontend development, deployment, API development, and database management.

·        Understanding of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.

·        Understanding on any one of server side scripting languages such as node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Python.

·        Understanding on any one of web application frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, Ember JS.

·        Understanding of SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc and of NoSQL databases such as mongoDB, dynamoDB, etc

·        Experience with any continuous integration and Continuous delivery tool such as Jenkins, etc

·        Understanding of Quality Analysis, Testing for scalability and reliability.

·        Understanding of project management tools.

About Spintly (By Mrinq Technologies LLP)

Spintly  is a cloud-based workforce management system developed by Mrinq Technologies LLP.

It is a comprehensive Access and Attendance system, which includes visitor management systems, shift management, leave management, remote employee management, etc.

Please check our product webpage at www.spintly.com for more information about our products.

Overview of our software stack:

Our software architectures usually consist of users interacting with our IoT hardware using Web pages and Android / iOS apps. The web pages and apps talk to the IoT hardware through AWS cloud or in case of apps using Bluetooth or IoT protocols such as CoAP over WiFi. For Cloud, we use technologies such as MQTT (IOT software protocol), Websockets , Serverless computing through Lambdas ( Backend programming done in Node.js and Python), VM using AWS EC2, SQL(PostgreSQL and MySQL)  as well as NoSQL(AWS dynamo DB) databases, Authentication using AWS Cognito, etc.

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