About the company:
Office environment is friendly and fun. We are not strict and we try our level best to keep employees happy and satisfied.

We work exclusive on the projects taken by Scoders Pvt Ltd. http://scoders.com/en/ 
Scoders is an Israel based company with head office located at Tel-Aviv Israel 

2nd Floor, Colaco Residency A, Opposite Vibes Music Store, Comba, Margao, Goa 403601
Requirement for PHP: (2 Vacancies)
Good communication skills.
Quick learner and should be able to work well under pressure. 
Experience: 2 – 3 Years.
Should have intermediate knowledge of PHP and OOP.
Should know basic of MySql, JS, HTML, CSS and JQUERY.
Ability to become project manager one day. 

Salary: As per skills but above market standards.
Recruitment Process:
We usually have 3 rounds in our recruitment process.
Round 1: Communication and logic test.
Round 2: Technical /Practical test.
Round 3: Final round.
To Apply: 
1: Register online at http://hr.scoders.com
2: Email your CV at career@sandboxinfotech.com
– Please attach your picture to the CV.

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