We’re looking for a consumer-focused and analytical digital marketer. You’ll be responsible for communicating Photojaanic’s benefits to customers, reaching customers across their lifecycle from awareness to landing page conversion to retention and CRM. You’ll be working with our Content and Marketing team, and our Product teams.


  • Grow customer retention via improvements in CRM
  • Grow customer acquisition via improvements in acquisition campaigns
  • Monitor, experiment and improve campaign ROI and CTA’s
  • Manage Photojaanic’s CRM and campaigns
  • Conduct controlled marketing experiments, A/B tests
  • Improve ads, CRM, landing page performance via controlled experiments
  • Help develop Photojaanic’s content marketing and social media plans
  • Work with Marketing executives and adwords-specialists


  • Strong understanding of Photojaanic’s products and customers
  • Experience conducting campaign experiments – A/B testing, etc.
  • Google SEM experience a plus
  • CRM experience with email marketing and app notifications

About Photojaanic

Your best memories and photos deserve to not be locked up and lost on devices.

Bring your best moments into your life. Photojaanic helps people print the stories they care about. We believe capturing moments and pursuing creative interests matters.

We're based out of Goa and Singapore. We design, develop, manufacture and market all of our products. Quality control and product innovation are important to us. We are also the exclusive marketer and manufacturer of the Kodak Collections premium range of photo albums.


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