Business Development Manager

Our mission and passion is to simplify and undisrupt logistics. We build supply chain software and hardware that powers companies ranging from oil and gas to bags and ice cream.

You will work in an insanely fast-paced environment with teams in multiple cities. Your exceptional track record in a relevant position at B2B startups is, therefore, a crucial asset. You will be expected to work collaboratively yet autonomously to help engineer solutions for the supply chain space.


Numadic is a VC backed supply chain tracking and coordination platform for B2B transportation. Although we don’t have any ninjas on our team, we do have over 60 brilliant engineers, designers and supply chain specialists based in Goa and Mumbai.


Build market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships.


  • Generate quality business leads
  • Identify leads by researching industry and related events, publications, announcements and professional network.
  • Direct Business Leads – Fleet Operators, Driver Operator.
  • Indirect business leads – Broker / Freight Forwarder, 3 PL, Freight Market Place, Shipper Manufacturer, Logistics Tech. Enabler.



  • Establish first contact & map requirement
  • Locate business deals by contacting potential business leads; discovering and exploring opportunities for a deal closure.
  • Screen potential business deals by analyzing requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities (eg. tech, product operations related).



  • Create a customer-specific pitch (Initial Pitch) and present it to potential customers, further understand their requirements
  • Undertake sales presentations/meetings with an objective to establish the high relevance of Numadic services in the business of potential customers.
  • Develop negotiating strategies and positions by studying the integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating potential customer’s needs and goals.
  • Make an offering based on the requirement mapping and customer analysis.



  • Negotiate and finalize contract
  • Negotiate as per internal financial, operational and product policies and constraints.
  • Close the contract with the customer through the company’s legal & finance department.



  • Maintain real-time data funnel in CRM
  • Maintain all customer accounts and new business approaches and outcomes in a database.

Post Sale Activities


  • Manage customer relationships
  • Maintain close working relationships with the Customer Service and Operations to ensure each customer is serviced as per the Service Level Agreement.
  • Take periodic feedback from customers.



  • Assist in product evolution
  • Maintain close working relationship with Product and Technology to ensure the constant evolution of product as per market feedback and new business opportunities.



  • Constantly improve revenue and profitability per customer
  • Work with operations in the development of Resources Planning.
  • Undertake cross-selling and upselling within existing customer base to further develop account potential through value-added services.
  • Develop SOP’s in association with Operations, and Finance, to detail all processes, rate structure, and feature requirements of potential customers/ leads identified.



  • Maintain high confidentiality and professional integrity
  • Protect organization’s value by maintaining extremely professional conduct in the market and by keeping company’s information confidential.



  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.




  • An absolute minimum of 3 years of relevant (Business Development) experience in a senior position at a startup.


  • Fluent in English and at least one regional language.
  • A full stack human (Fully intellectually formed adult able to deal with yourself, stress, and uncertainty).
  • Obsessively detail and results oriented


  • Competitive salary and options in the company
  • Flexible hours
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Open culture of radical candour. Zero politics.



About Numadic

Numadic builds trackers & sensors alongside analytics dashboards to optimize transportation companies.

Our target market is the unorganized Indian trucking industry. Our core product is a fleet tracking application. Not rocket science, but building products & technology that work for non-technical people is a major challenge.

Our founding team previously built telematics products in Canada.

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