Opening in. Vasco for IT company. Having head office in UK.

QA Automation Engineer.

Min 5 year of experience.

Salary hike from previous salary package

Salary no bar for deserving candidate.

Email: jobs4goan@gmail.com
Call/WhatsApp on 9850529592

QA Automation Engineer
Qualifications: the following experience is a must for this position:
• Computer Science undergraduate degree or similar experience / certifications.
• 5+ years’ experience with testing Full JAVA WebStack Applications using unit tests, automated
• testing, and manual testing to ensure it is bug free and fully meets business requirements.
• 3+ years’ experience with common javascript testing frameworks (karma, jasmine, protractor,
• mocha, chai).
• 3+ years’ experience in end to end testing (tests that would run nightly)
• 3+ years’ experience with OO language (JAVA/C++/C#/etc.), but must have a working knowledge
• of JAVA.
• Familiarity with REST interfaces, and how to test them.
• Strong Familiarity with how to ensure (re: ‘prove’) an application is tested/working as expected
• A strong desire to lead the way in QA processes to ensure that the development team is staying
• on top of latest technologies/frameworks for more advanced testing
• Experience running nightly tests on a system such as Jenkins, etc.
• A strong desire to automate QA processes as much as possible.
• Experience with code versioning systems (a la: GIT, SVN, mercurial, etc.).
• Must be able to provide some examples of past/work.

Things that would be great to see:
• Experience with managing QA in respect to the full CI/CD pipeline
• Previous experience working with highly collaborative teams.
• Experience developing learning / teaching applications.

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