You absolutely must have:

  • Basic understanding of RoR and/or Javascript frameworks (ember, angular), because these languages are very dear to us.
  • Ability to write HTML, CSS, jQuery in their sleep
  • A Github account with at least a basic app created.
  • A laptop. We will only buy you one, once you’ve earned a place in the family.

What could give you an edge: 

  • Your LinkedIn account.
  • Name one thing you would change in the Hash Cookies website.

What we care about: We are looking for someone who is a quick learner, versatile, responsible, questions methods, eager to solve problems and wants to grow with our niche team.

What doesn’t matter: We do not care about degrees, or what you wear to work, or even if you work during odd times of the day. We do not judge because we do not follow these rules ourselves.

We can provide accommodation for a modest rate for re-locators. Option to work remotely if the candidate has good experience.

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