Flukecard – The Dining Essential For A Foodie

Ardent foodies and food aficionados are always delighted to explore new horizons and tingle their taste-buds in ways and means unimaginable; And an encouraging support with regards to the same is always a delight. That’s what Flukecard is all about.

What Is Flukecard?

Flukecard is an award-redeeming card that allows cardholders to enjoy fine dining services from various local outlets with a conveniently discounted price. To get started, all you need to do is purchase an annual ‘Flukecard’ membership for a reasonable price and avail discounts at selected restaurants, cafes and bars. As per a rough estimate, you can save up more than 10 times the subscription charges.

When Can I Buy It?

Flukecard is currently in its Beta stage and all set to go live soon enough. You can register now and avail 10% off of the Flukecard membership.

A startup by BITS Pilani students, the ingenious idea of offering discounts to patrons while increasing the sale and market value of the restaurant will definitely work wonders if executed well enough.

You can sign up for the offer by following the link down below and get ready to satisfy your gluttonous needs!